Congratulations to Aimee Duncan, Dawson Benton, Baron Nunez, and Parker Nassar on winning GOLD for sparring at the IMAF 2021 Tournament! 


Beginner (Ages 6+) Tuesdays/Thursdays 5pm


Tuesdays/Thursdays 5pm



Tuesday/Thursdays 6pm 

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$79 for the first month, includes uniform. 

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We are conveniently  located at the indoor outlet mall off of I-95 in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Proudly serving Saint Augustine, Jacksonville, and surrounding areas since 2014. 

We have been in business since 1979. 

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Taekwon-Do is s a Korean martial art, characterized by punching and kicking techniques, with emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques. The literal translation for tae kwon do is "kicking," "punching," and "the art or way of."